How many airports can the Mideast support?

Just when you thought the Mideast’s airport footprint was big enough, Kuwait Intl. Airport says it will build a new terminal — one that will handle 25 million passengers a year. That’s more than double the number the airport welcomed in 2015.


(Model of new terminal at Kuwait Intl. Airport)

But Kuwait’s expansion pales before that in Turkey where the biggest airport in the world is now being built near Istanbul. That new terminal, when fully completed, will handle 150 million passengers a year.

Istanbul New Airport shaping up as a hub for the 21st century

(Model of new airport in Istanbul)

And although Israel is a piker when compared to passenger traffic elsewhere in the Mideast, it too has jumped aboard the bandwagon, readying a new airport at the southern tip of the country for use in April 2017.

(New airport in southern Israel now under construction)

Still, if forecasts are borne out, there’s a good chance that the new runways, taxi strips, tarmacs and terminal buildings will  be sorely needed. The Mideast, which attracts around 52 million tourists a year, will see the greatest growth in air traffic in the world, predicts Airbus, while the number of  passengers flying through Arab airports is expected to jump to 571 million over the next 10 years.




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