Ontario Shows it’s Serious About Meeting its Transit Needs

Like almost every big city worldwide, metro Toronto is growing — so much so that its subways, streets, freeways and commuter railway lines are increasingly bogged down.

It’s not as if the politicos haven’t noticed. They have. They’ve just been long on rhetoric, but short on action — perhaps because building new subways and commuter lines requires money. And money — or, at least, the willpower to raise taxes to get it — has been in short supply.

But now Ontario’s provincial government is stepping up to the plate. It’s called for tenders to build a massive new railway tunnel beneath the junction of two major freeways in Toronto’s northwest corner.

The tunnel will presumably allow GO Transit, the commuter system for the Greater Toronto Area, to run more trains more frequently. The tunnel may also make it easier for GO to beef up service to many of the GTA’s satellite cities, such as Guelph, Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo, making them more attractive to people who need to work in Toronto, but who cannot now afford to live there.




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